Don Williams Animal Healing Fund

The Don Williams Animal Healing Fund was set up in December, 2006, in memory of a wonderful healer, Donald H. Williams.


Don spent most of his life in corporate America, working on international production and distribution for Sony music. After taking early retirement, he followed his passion for training Paso Fino horses. He was renowned throughout the east coast of America for his gentle, yet effective training methods. During his training years, he met Dr. Judy L. Morgan, a veterinarian who practices holistic medicine for small animals and horses. Through their association, Don discovered that his gentle training methods stemmed from an amazing ability he had to communicate with the animals. He took many courses in Animal Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, Energy Healing, and Animal Communication. His healing abilities were in great demand. Animals and their human partners were treated by Don at Clayton Veterinary Associates or at his home practice, Body Harmony.

Unfortunately, Don’s time spent healing the animals was cut short by a fight with terminal brain cancer in the fall of 2006. In order to continue healing the animals, as Don would have desired, the Don Williams Animal Healing Fund was set up. The board of Save The Animals Foundation (STAF) was generous enough to allow their non-profit corporation to administer the fund. Donations are given to the fund through private parties, corporations and in memory of pets and loved ones. Funds are distributed on an as-needed basis through veterinary referral to help cover medical costs for sick or injured pets. Rescue animals or those whose owners cannot afford life-saving medical care can be helped through this fund. Area veterinarians who participate in our current spay/neuter certificate program will be notified of the criteria for assistance and will be able to refer special-needs cases to STAF.

All donations toward the fund are tax deductible. ANY amount donated can help save the life of a beloved pet or stray in need. Please help keep Don’s memory alive by continuing to heal the animals.

Send donations, with a notation that it is for the DWAHF, to

STAF, Inc.

P.O. Box 5689

Deptford, NJ 08096