Inside vs Outside Cat

Should you let your cat go out? There are lots of reasons for cats to stay indoors.

Inside Cats:

  • have a life span of 12-20 years
  • are not exposed to disease
  • will not get abscesses from fighting neighborhood strays
  • will not be threatened by dogs or wildlife
  • will not suffer injury or amputation from leghold traps
  • will not suffer from frost bite
  • will not be hit by cars
  • will not get lost
  • will never go hungry
  • cannot be abused by strangers
  • are safe from chemicals and fertilizers
  • cannot be stolen
  • are happy living indoors

Outside Cats:

  • have a lifespan of only 1-5 years
  • will be exposed to feline leukemia, AIDS, parasites, etc.
  • will fight – causing expensive vet bills
  • are maimed or killed by dogs and predators
  • can get caught in leghold traps
  • do suffer from frost bite
  • are hit by cars and injured or killed
  • do stray from home and get lost
  • can die from starvation
  • are abused by strangers
  • are exposed to toxic antifreeze
  • are stolen
  • breed, if not neutered or spayed, and add to pet overpopulation